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SlimeVR Main Case (ABS plastic)

SlimeVR Main Case (ABS plastic)

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Are you making our own DIY Slimes and want this sleek production look?

Or were you rough with your trackers and need a replacement case?

Or maybe you just want to try different colors?

These cases are only usable with the official SlimeVR trackers or if you're trying to make a clone with the same design!

We got you covered, just order replacement cases! Cases are sold in pairs - top and bottom, and come with 2 x M2.5 12mm screws and a matching color extension plug.

These cases are made from ABS plastic, not polycarbonate. Are you looking for more reliable PC cases? They're here!

Please don't ask us about custom colors or about blue and teal colors. When and if any other colors will become available, they will be added to the site and posted in the Discord server.

Check our repair guide on YouTube to learn how to replace the case:

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