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SlimeVR Extension Cables (Full-Body Set with extra)

SlimeVR Extension Cables (Full-Body Set with extra)

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A set of cables for SlimeVR extensions in case you want spare or want to use them for DIY. 

Please note: Broken cables from official SlimeVR Tracker Sets are covered by warranty. You can contact us for the replacement. Purchase these only if you want to buy them yourself and cover the cost of replacement for us (thank you!), or if you need them for something else.

All cables have JST-ZH 1.5mm connectors compatible with SlimeVR extensions.

Following cables included in this set:

  • Feet extension wire V3 x4 (15cm black flexible flat cable)
  • Hip extension wire V3 x2 (55cm black flexible flat cable)

Additionally, includes extra cables of older versions while the supplies last:

  • Feet extension wire V1 x2 (15cm white loose strand cable)
  • Hip extension wire V1 x1 (55cm white loose strand cable)
  • Feet extension wire V2 x2 (17cm black flat cable)
  • Hip extension wire V2 x1 (55cm black flat cable)

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