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SlimeVR IMU Module BNO085

SlimeVR IMU Module BNO085

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IMU Module with BNO085.

Made for SlimeVR trackers, but can be used with any product that fits the form-factor, made to match widely used IMU-module format sold on Aliexpress and other stores.

Doesn't have SPI leads, supports only I2C! PCB thickness is 0.8mm, not usual 1.6mm. Has castellated edge on the opposite side of the headers for easier soldering to official SlimeVR boards. Pin header is not included. Dimensions of the module are 26mm x 15.5 mm. The module schematic: Link to footprint:

Datasheet: BNO085-IMUMODULE-R22.pdf.

The picture shows a panel of 28 modules, the price is for 1 module!

Do you want to order more than 100 modules? Please contact Eiren through Discord for a better shipping arrangement / discounts or email us through the contact form.

Are you making SlimeVR trackers? You need at least 5 trackers for a set!

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